On the day you talk to Hot Sauce, he’s hyped.

“Going to Taiwan tomorrow, baby!”

It’s understandable. He’s back, finally. Almost five years removed. No more spotlight, no AND1. He was away training his young ballhandling extraordinaire, his nine-year-old named Lil Sizz. But now the man with the global name is back, dropping a defender with a crossover in his first game earlier this year, then seeing the clip all over WorldStar and ESPN, getting more views than LeBron.

Last year, Sauce signed with the streetball movement Court Kingz. Victor Martinez, the tour’s CEO, wanted the movement to be about the hood, going into places like Baltimore and the South Side of Chicago and helping kids with no mentors.

“Streetball is more of a circus right now,” Martinez says. “It’s all about YouTube and who’s doing what on YouTube. It’s forgotten about the streets and where it originated from.

“There’s always going to be a kid on that playground without a father that needs some inspiration.”

Sauce was intrigued, enough to turn down a few large offers from the competition earlier in 2014 to stay with Court Kingz. They want this to be like UFC, where everyone wants to kill each other inside the lines but outside of them it’s all love.

So far, they’ve already had top plays on ESPN and SportsNation, and were in Los Angeles this summer to accept a Nickelodeon Choice Award. With the best in-game dunkers and new talent like Baby LeBron, it’s about pushing the next generation of streetball.

Schooled: Streetball Legend Hot Sauce on Court Kingz and the Secrets Behind His Handle