Phillip Champion was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. His father, being in the military, had the family moving a lot through out Champion’s childhood, as a teenager most fans don’t know this that Hot Sauce lived in Germany. Court Kingz owners Victor and Simon Martinez, brought Hot Sauce home to meet their German mother, and randomly Hot Sauce could speak German and knew of cultural food dishes that he remembered. Hot Sauce approaches the game of basketball like an artist approaches a blank canvas. Hot Sauce revolutionized street ball with his moves that shocked the world. As a young adult, Hot Sauce would play daily in Atlanta’s Run and Shoot, where the best basketball players in the city would show up. Hot Sauce was so dedicated to his game that some nights he would play till midnight closing, then sleep in the locker room just to be up early enough to start his 6am practice. Hard work and dedication eventually paid off, and a certain street ball tour called the AND1 Mixtape Tour came through Atlanta and witnessed the talent of Hot Sauce. As soon as AND1 put Hot Sauce on ESPN and National Stage, their rating went through the roof and the entire basketball world was in awe of the moves of this Urban Legend. There isn’t a basketball player today, world wide that doesn’t know about the legend of Hot Sauce. Millions of views on youtube, Mountain Dew Commercials, his own movie CrossOver, (which they could have done a million times better) to now speaking to kids and being a role model to young hoopers all over through Court Kingz. One of the main things that Hot Sauce focuses now on in his later days of his career, is being a good father. Hot Sauce has two sons, whom he loves and works with daily. Hot Sauce is not only a role model to basketball players but also to a community of men that statistics show aren’t being fathers. He is breaking the mold and showing the importance of raising young men. Hot Sauce will still cross over most, but now instead of being silent, he is using his platform to impact the next generation to make positive choices and live a life of purpose.